Best Travel Sites – A Way to Find Cheap Air Tickets

People travel from one place to another a lot. And for traveling air travel is the best. It is the fastest and most comfortable mode of transport. But airfare is quite high. It is quite expensive for middle class people like you and me. But even you can avail the air transport facilities if you know the tricks of air tickets with the help of best travel sites.

Always keep in mind that in order to get cheap airfare you should book your flight tickets at least 3 months before the flight. Start planning your holiday beforehand so that you can buy the tickets quite a long time before the stipulated time of your journey. Always remember that in high season when there is a lot of air traffic you should buy those 3 to 4 months before the date of your journey. In low season booking your ticket before 1 month of the day of journey will be enough to get cheap air tickets.

After doing a lot of research experts say that on a particular day of the week air tickets are sold at a comparatively lower rate than the actual price. Normally that day of the week is Thursday. This is because on Thursdays after midnight airplane companies start reselling the tickets that were not sold on the last week.

When you are buying tickets you should also check that you are not booking them on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. These are the days when business travelers travel a lot generally, so the prices of the tickets are a bit higher then other days. Try to make your journey on the rest of the days to get cheaper air tickets.

Now when you know the tricks, you should search the best travel sites. First you should search for the aggregator sites. In these sites with the help of the search engines you can find all the best travel sites simultaneously. This way you will get the knowledge of the best travel deals that are available online. You do not have to search one site after another but you will get all the information you want at one go. After you have searched for the best deals you can now go to individual company sites and search for even better offers.

Thus following this advice if you a put a bit of effort in searching the sites and have a little patience you will surely get the cheapest air ticket possible.

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Best Travel Insurance For Your Needs

Best Travel Insurance for your needs.

There are many reasons why you should purchase travel insurance and anyone that spends the time planning a trip overseas should put a travel policy at the top of the list as things can go horribly wrong when you are away from home in a foreign country. For the sake of a little money you can save a lot! The following hints and tips have been included for you to consider when next travelling overseas.

• A few people wing it when travelling overseas and can’t see why they would need any insurance. The fact is that plans can be wrecked in moments by natural disasters and other things. Virtually a storm could move in on the airport and cause it to be closed for a few days. With a policy to cover your needs you will be able to rebook your vacation in either a few days, or at some time in the future. Without insurance you may not be able to rebook a flight and find the tour that you were booked on has left without you. This alone makes travel insurance a necessity.

• Τravel coverage is a real must, because it will cover your medical expenses, any trip cancellations, interruptions, baggage damage or loss, medical evacuation, and a whole lot more. Another consideration if you and your family are on vacation and you arrive at the airport, you may find out that a connecting flight is late or has been cancelled and most of the ticket counters are closed. What do you do now? And, what if happens if your baggage has been shipped on ahead and when you arrive where you’re supposed to be going find your baggage is nowhere to be found?

• Baggage can get stolen and you can find that you are standing in the clothes you have on and nothing else if you don’t have a policy that in itself would be an expensive exercise to replace clothes that you were going to wear for your 3 month trip. Consider the fact if you are driving a rental car and become involved in an accident, you may need to find a doctor. There are several kinds of insurance policies to cover virtually any situation while overseas such as business trip, health insurance for students, travel medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, and travel insurance which you can purchase by the year in order to save some money.

• When you’re comparing travel insurance, you will see at a glance how some rates will vary widely. Use sites that allow you to compare apples with apples to find a policy that will suit your requirements. If you get a good rate for travel insurance and it’s going to cover what you want it to, then at your leisure you can sit at home and shop for the best insurance online. To save more money don’t wait until you get to the airport and buy travel insurance from one of those little kiosks at the side of the interior walkways they are expensive and you will be paying too much.

When you select a travel policy to meet your needs you will go on vacation knowing that whatever situation that comes up that you have peace of mind knowing that you will be covered. You’ll have more money and more fun on your vacation, when you do!

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